Our Products


Golden Starter

Golden Starter is a different kind of calf starter with a locked formula, high energy level and includes high-quality protein. The use of whole grains and soy protein offer a nutrient-dense package that encourages strong intakes. Prebiotics, probiotics, and organic trace minerals are included to help aid in the rumen health and immune support. There is enough fiber included to aid in rumen development while not diluting the energy needed for growth and immunity.

Based on our nutritional experience, young calves benefit more from whole corn due to less fines than processed corn. This helps to result in stronger intakes, reduced cost, and less waste.


Golden Grower

An extension of the starter product, Golden Grower contains the same high-quality protein while including more fiber and scratch for the developing rumen as well as processed grains to encourage high starch utilization. This feed includes prebiotics, probiotics, and organic trace minerals with increased bioavailability to continue supporting calf health and growth.  Built for higher intakes, the grower starts the important transition from the hutch to the grouping pens with strong immune support.


As heifers develop their rumen, they are better able to utilize processed grain, so the whole corn is replaced with processed corn. The fiber is also increased to stimulate rumen papillae growth for better nutrient absorption.


Golden Beef

Beef on dairy calves are an increasingly important part of many dairy operations. Treating these calves appropriately from day one is the best way to enhance their profitability. With a strong feeding regime, Golden products get the beef-oriented calf off to the right start.

Similar to the Golden Grower, Golden Beef is designed with rumen health in mind while emphasizing average daily gain to increase profitability at market.