Golden Heifer Development

The Golden Heifer Development strategy and product line is the result of the intersection of science, biology, management, and economics.


Locked formulas allow calves to benefit from consistent nutrients and ingredients


Low in byproducts and high in primary grains allows for increased digestibility and energy



Reduced fines enhances palatability and intake

Gut Health

A strong vitamin and mineral package along with gut health technology are included

We offer a variety of products


We offer many options of implementation of our strategy and feeding products. We know that each operation is unique and will likely require a specific plan. Our team will tailor the calf feeding plan around the management and feed availability opportunities for each farm.

Our feed line begins in the hutch and continues until the calf has been fully transitioned to a forage based TMR. Our focus is on developing a highly functioning rumen that will allow that calf to reach breeding weight sooner so that she enters the milking herd at an efficient age.

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